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Click Above to Claim Trees, Rain Barrels, and to Apply for Permeable Paving to Protect Your Home Against Regular Flooding

Reduce Flooding at Your Home in the Hoffman Triangle Today

Effectively + Affordably

Life in a Flood Zone

When it floods in the Hoffman Triangle.


We've all seen it and dealt with the consequences:

Flooded yards, flooded streets, and standing water for days leads to damaged cars, houses, and streets, while limiting many residents' ability to leave their home.

Much of the flooding is made worse by over-paving and a lack of trees and shrubs to absorb the rain. 

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Protect Your Home Against Flooding

Umbrella's partners understand how frustrating living with constant flooding.

With over 41 years cumulative experience, and 1000s of homeowners and business served, they understand how to help residents just like you to make a real difference in reducing your home's flooding through simple, but impactful solutions.

Umbrella's partners will help you reduce regular incidental flooding and add beauty to your home in the Hoffman Triangle neighborhood at low to no cost to you. Click below to get started.

Imagine Your Home: More Beautiful, More Resilient.

Rain barrels can intercept upwards of 2255 gallons of rain water each year. Full grown trees can absorb more than 5000 gallons each year, and permeable paving reduces puddling and helps prevent foundation damage to your home.

Small, but meaningful actions like planting trees and installing rain barrels will help reduce flooding for years to come.

Don't wait to start reducing incidental flooding at your home.

Sign Up To Receive Your Trees, Rain Barrels Today, and to Qualify for Permeable Paving Today


How it Works

Reduce flooding and add beauty to your home and neighborhood in

just 3 steps

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 Click Each Link to Sign Up to Receive Trees, Rain Barrels, and Permeable Paving



Umbrella's partners contact you to coordinate the installation of your trees, rain barrels, and permeable paving (for those who qualify)



Enjoy your home with new trees, rain barrels, and less flooding. Then tell your neighbors about Umbrella to help your entire block reduce flooding.

See What Neighbors Are Doing To Protect Their Homes From Flooding 

Hover over the photos to see each transformation

Jackson Ave Home
New Construction | Addressing Issues Before They Begin
Permeable Paving + Rain Garden
Holds 1000 Gallons of Runoff  | Beautifies The Home Naturally
Coach's Home
180 Sqft of Concrete | Unusable Gutters | Regular Puddling and Inaccessible Sidewalk
French Drains + Rain Barrels
Holds 650+ Gallons of Runoff  | Reduces Puddling and Flooded Walkways
Mr. Leroy's Home
500+ Sqft of Concrete // Regular Back Yard Flooding
Permeable Paving + Sod
Holds 1000+ Gallons of Runoff | Reduced Backyard Puddling

Protect Your Home From the Effects of New Orleans Regular Flooding

Register Today
Sign Up to Receive Trees, Rain Barrels, and to Qualify for Permeable Paving.

Protect Your Home

In 3 Easy Steps

Sign Up to Receive Trees. If your home qualifies, SOUL NOLA will install them for you!
Sign Up to Receive Rain Barrels. If Your Home Qualifies, Greenlight New Orleans will install them for you.
Sign Up to Receive Permeable Paving. If Your Home Qualifies, The Urban Conservancy will coordinate installation with you.
Start Reducing Incidental Flooding and Runoff at Your Home Today.

If you have any questions, or want to know more about how to get involved reducing neighborhood flooding, contact us below

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