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Reduce Regular Flooding and Puddling on your Property

Helping Hoffman Triangle Residents Protect + Beautify Their Homes

Our City Has a

Water Problem

Regular Flooding & Storm Runoff

Ruins yards, cars, and homes. Flooding causes streets and foundations of homes to fail, worsens pollution, and costs MILLIONS in taxes and fees to pump out of our streets.

Standing water limits residents' mobility, detracts from neighborhood beauty, and breeds mosquitos.

Simple, Affordable Solutions 

Can reduce incidental flooding by THOUSANDS of gallons each year.

By planting trees, installing rain barrels, and removing pavement any Hoffman Triangle resident can reduce flooding, pollution, pests, and potholes while improving neighborhood beauty, air quality, and quality of life.

Umbrella Helps Residents in the Hoffman Triangle Reduce Flooding

By equipping them with trees, rain barrels, and pavement removal, all at no cost to residents like you.

Don't let incidental flooding and runoff weaken your home, hold back your community, and limit your life.

Click below to get your Trees, Rain Barrels, and to see if you qualify for permeable paving and start protecting your home from regular flooding and puddling.

Get Trees | Get Rain Barrels | Get Permeable Paving

Don't let storm runoff ruin your home

Umbrella's partners make it simple, easy, and affordable to reduce flooding and protect your home, your yard, and your neighborhood

Trees absorb rain and runoff, provide shade, and beautify the neighborhood

Rain Barrels collect rainwater before it can puddle in your yard. Use it later for your garden and lawn.

Permeable pavement soaks in rainwater, reducing runoff and pollution

Get your trees, rain barrels, and permeable paving today.

How Trees, Rain Barrels, and De-Paving Can Reduce Flooding at Your Home

Protecting Your Home From the Effects of Regular Flooding is as Simple as




Umbrella's Impact



Native Trees and Shrubs Planted

See them along  South Galvez, Martin Luther King, and S. Prieur

PAvement REmoval.png


Gallons of stormwater storage capacity created with de-paving, rain gardens, french drains, trees, rain barrells, and permeable paving



Rain Barrels Installed

Shovel and Rake.png


Volunteer Hours

feet of gutters installed


See them at 37 homes and the Hoffman Triangle Early Learning Center

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 2.00.09 PM.png

Pastor Thompson

Toledano St

Umbrella made it simple for our church to install rain barrels and beautify our church with new trees. All of which helps our church be a blessing to the neighborhood as good stewards.



S Johnson St.

After I got the french drains in, after a rain I hardly noticed any puddling. It just holds it in and lets it out natural. Keeps the yard dry.


Mr Leroy

S Rocheblave St

It used to flood up to my back steps pretty regularly. After Umbrella helped install permeable paving, the puddling isn't nearly as bad.

What Neighbors Are Saying

Taking Back The Front Yard

Regular flooding was blocking sidewalks, gathering in the street, and threatening the foundation of Coach's long-time home.

After so many years, Coach had become resigned to the fact that flooding was just a part of life in New Orleans, until he heard about Umbrella and decided to do something about the flooding at her home.

"Being here as long as I have, you just figure you're going to deal with flooding...but this here is changing some of that..."

Who is Umbrella?

Umbrella is a collective of New Orleans' nonprofits that together empowers residents and organizations in the Hoffman Triangle to affordably and effectively reduce flooding on their property

Umbrella's Members

UC 2.jpg

Pavement Removal

Project Lead 

Screen Shot 2019-04-25 at 3.20.57 PM.png

City Liaison


Greenlight Logo.jpg

Rain Barrels



Business Training


In Collaboration with

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WB_FINALLogo (1).png
SOUL NOLA Logo.jpg
Hoffman Triangle.png
Stronger Hope.jpg





Community Outreach + Data Analysis

Native Tree Planting



Contact Umbrella

1239 Baronne St, New Orleans, LA 70113  |  Tel: 504.717.6187

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